Documentaries on Indigenous rights

Voices on the Road

No road. No voice. No future.

Deep in the jungle a road is quietly destroying a protected rainforest, causing conflict and fear. Yet for some indigenous communities, desperate for change, it brings the promise of a better life… but at what cost?

Watch the film now (Length: 23 minutes)


An indigenous woman embarks on a challenging solo journey to unite a sisterhood for Mother Earth.

Ruth Alipaz Cuqui is leading the fight of the Uchupiamona people from the heart of Bolivia’s remote Amazon Rainforest. Despite her strength, she’s weary – having dedicated her life to battling the elite and powerful within government, she is now being discredited and undermined by ‘machismo’ leaders within her own community.

She feels bitterly betrayed and knows that alone she is vulnerable. Her only hope is to unite her indigenous sisters across vast corners of the country, but time is running out. Coming soon…